ETS 2020 Organizers

Yesha Thakkar, Newton North High School ’20

Yesha is the founder and co-director of Expeditions to STEM! She’s a senior at Newton North High School, and she is passionate hyped about showing new people how applicable science is in the real world. At school, she runs the Girls Coding and Science in the News clubs, and she’s a news editor on The Newtonite, North’s school newspaper. She loves STEM and is a member of Newton North’s Science Team, participating in Envirothon and the National Science Bowl (a general sciences buzzing competition). She also organizes events such as Women in STEM Day at North. In her free time, she loves to bake, solve sudokus, complete the Daily Mini (mini crosswords on the NYT website), play Tetris, listen to music of all genres, and make way too many checklists.

Emily Lo, Wellesley High School ’20

Emily is a co-organizer and senior at Wellesley High School! This is Emily’s second year on the ETS team! One of the main reasons Emily joined ETS was because she was interested in bridging the technology gap. She is passionate about STEM, specifically in terms of applying technology to solve problems in the medical field. She is also a member of Science Olympiad and the Technovation Club at her school. Emily’s favorite subject is computer science as it encourages creativity in problem-solving. Aside from her STEM-focused interests, Emily enjoys crocheting in her free time and has recently been crocheting hats for donating and gifting. She is also on her school’s Sailing Team! When she needs some time to relax, you can find her catching up on an episode of The Good Doctor or playing tug of war with her yellow lab! 

Shivani Patel, Westborough High School ’21

Shivani, a co-organizer, is a junior and goes to Westborough High School! Here, she loves to do all things STEM, especially in classes like Anatomy and Physiology and Biology. Shivani is also part of many clubs and organizations. She is the captain of the Mock Trial Team, co-founder of the American Heart Association Club, part of her school’s tennis team, and also co-president of the French Club. 
Shivani wants to be able to use STEM in order to help others, which is why she wants to pursue medicine after high school as it is the perfect combination of using science to help others. And she is already getting a jump on this by volunteering at a local hospital. In addition to her main passion, Shivani also loves to draw, read, and play tennis.

Sophia Morgan, Newton North High School ’21

Sophia is a junior from Newton North High School! Sophia is an aspiring biochemist and passionate about all things STEM. She is an active member of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) club and the Science Bowl branch of Newton North’s science team. Sophia is also an incredible pianist, artist, and chef! She’s also really kind and energetic ❤ In her free time, she also enjoys cross country skiing, swimming, and volunteering at The Museum of Science.

Ayat Walid, Winthrop High School ’21

Ayat is a co-director of Expeditions to STEM 2020! Ayat is a junior at Winthrop High School, and she’s really excited to meet more people and learn new things this year. A member of the NorseCode Robotics Team and her school’s STEM Club, she is very passionate about all things STEM and loves to explore interdisciplinary STEM fields and opportunities. Oh yeah, and she organized ETS 2019, too! Ayat has many interests outside of school, too! She loves to draw and watch Blackish. She also somehow finds both R&B and classical music relaxing.