Here are some pictures of our first-ever event in April 2019!

IMG_6727 2

We kicked off the day with an information bazaar featuring STEM teams from across the state.


The NNHS Science Team showed projects–such as a mousetrap car and bridges–and how they work.

IMG_2244 copy
Students also learned about high school robotics software programs – and made some slime 🙂
IMG_2278 copy
In one of our morning workshops, students learned Python, a versatile programming language.

Students participated in the trivia workshop, competing to answer questions from many STEM topics.

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In another workshop, students competed to build bridges that can support the most weight.
At the end of the day, students collaborated to solve a problem using STEM and presented their findings.
Professor Paul Berkman spoke to students about how STEM can guide interactions between people in daily life and on a global scale.