About ETS

Who are we, and what do we do?

Expeditions to STEM is a non-profit, student-led organization that strives to build a pathway between classroom STEM concepts and the world beyond them.

From architecture to microbiology to food science to quantum physics, STEM undoubtedly presents a myriad of opportunities and has the potential to change the world in which we live. We strongly believe that STEM is not just science, technology, engineering, and math; rather, it is the development of creative, new ideas in all fields, and it can serve as a vital medium to solving today’s most pressing issues, such as climate change, disease, and cybersecurity.

High schoolers are exposed to several opportunities to make sense of STEM topics, such as classrooms, online courses, and other programs. There are simply too few, however, that provide this vital link between STEM and society. Simply put, our mission is to connect students to STEM and their society so that they can pursue their unique expedition to STEM.

How do you put this into practice?

We recently hosted our first-ever event, in which 25 middle- and high-school students gathered to not only learn about STEM fields and concepts but also how these ideas have changed the world. We invited a diverse group of people – from corporations, businesses, high schools, and academia – to present their ideas and create a hub of intellectual sharing and inspiration.

Each of us (the organizers!) has had a unique STEM pathway that allowed us to love this field of immense potential and opportunity. All of the members on this team are committed to this mission and empowering their peers. We’re open to new members joining our team! If you’re interested in joining our team, apply through this link or send us an email at expeditionstostem@gmail.com!