Expeditions to STEM

Expeditions to STEM 2019 is an event for students from grades 7 to 10 to learn about the different careers and possibilities the STEM field provides. ETS features presentations and workshops led by scientists, educators, and other professionals. Students will work together in groups to apply their knowledge of STEM, brainstorm solutions to today’s most pressing issues, and present their ideas in creative and compelling ways. There will be prizes for the winners! In addition, there will be an information bazaar where students can learn more about STEM-related extracurricular activities in high school and college. For more information about the event visit our event schedule.

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Understanding how STEM fits in the real world

Just as STEM has grown to become one of the most researched fields in the world with its ability to provide cogent answers to complex issues, so has communication science: the ability to express those complex issues and solutions in captivating ways so that everyone – scientist or not – can understand them.

As our world becomes larger and our problems become more global, communication science becomes just as important as some of the technical aspects of STEM themselves. At the same time, as problems become more global and complex, so do solutions – and therefore, the ability to express these solutions. How, then, do we express our ideas in a growing world?

Expeditions to STEM allows students to explore problems that they find concerning, work to make sense of these problems, and express their solutions in engaging ways. Our event will feature workshops and presentations from both professionals and students, an information bazaar for students to interact with high school and college students dedicated to STEM, and a group project where students will collaborate to solve and present their solution to a problem. We’ll have food, fun, and lots of swag. Join us for a day of creativity and collaboration – you don’t have to be a “STEM person”!

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